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Exporting 1 billion ton of lychee to the US

Friday - 19/08/2016 05:30

The selling of lychee from Vietnam has gained a lot of advantage right from the beginning of the season. Especially, the successful export of lychees from Luc Ngan district, Bac Giang province to a very difficult market of America has brought happiness to both farmers and exporters.

Mr. Pham Ngoc Tu, the President of Anh Duong Sao Company, informed that the company has successfully exported 1 billion tons of lychee to America. Before then, the lychees were irradiated in Ho Chi Minh City. The whole lot of exported lychees was bought in regions labeled with production code following GlobalGap standard in Luc Ngan District.


According to Mr. Pham Ngoc Tu, early exports of lychees from Vietnam to America get advantages because the season of Mexico is coming 2 weeks later than that of Vietnam, so the demand for Vietnam’s lychee in America market is higher. Last year, the Anh Duong Sao company began to export 2 containers to America, and this year it is expected the number will be much more than that of last year, reaching up to 10 to 20 tons.

Exporting 1 billion ton of lychee to the US

In addition, Mr. Nguyen Van Dong, the President of the Hong Giang Cooperative of agricultural production and Trading in Luc Ngan said that enterprises has worked with the cooperative to order the amount of  exporting lychee from farmers right from the beginning of June. This is a good signal for lychee growers in Bac Giang.

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Dong, the order from enterprises through cooperative to buy lychee for exporting to America makes farmers very happy. The cooperative agreed to create favourable conditions for enterprises to come buy lychees directly from the gardens, in the spirit of providing the best supports and assistance to farmers to sell lychees. At the same time, cooperative hoped that more and more enterprises will come to buy lychees when the main season comes.

It is predicted that the number of lychee in Bac Giang this year will reach 130.000 tons, 40% of which will be for exporting.

Sharing the experience in exporting lychees to the American market, Mr. Pham Ngoc Tu said that, if enterprises want to successfully enter the American market, they should understand the taste of its customers. For example, American customers prefer sweet red lychees with high sugar level. According to the standards, Luc Ngan lychees are suitable for the need of the American market. However, because the America is a high demanding market so lychees exporting there have to meet strict requirements in terms of food quality and food safety.

According to experts’ comments, strict requirements for food quality of lychees and other agricultural products from markets such as America, Australia, Japan and EU countries will create motivations for farmers to strive for a higher standard procedure in production. Once these requirements are met, Vietnamese agricultural products, including lychees, will have more chances to enter other markets.

In order to support enterprises exporting lychees, Bac Giang branch of Vietnam State Bank has just started its plan to provide loans for processing and selling lychees in 2016. The loan of around 486.3 billion dong will be distributed in 6 districts of the province. This plan is based on the needs of the districts. Other commercial banks located in the province will also ensure available credits to loan out for lychees processing and selling.

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