Center of Industry and Trade Promotion Quang Tri
Center of Industry and Trade Promotion Quang Tri
Some orientations to development industry and trade Quang Tri in 2020

Some orientations to development industry and trade Quang Tri in 2020

  •   24/11/2016 03:32:00 AM
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Implementing Resolution Party Congress 16th of Quang Tri Province, Party and people in the province have tried their best and gained important achievements in all fields, the basic completion of the target by the General Assembly, in which the industrial sector - commercial developments rather, an important contribution to economic growth.
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Vietnam’s e-commerce turnover set to hit US$10 billion by 2020

  •   16/11/2016 04:15:00 AM
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The Vietnamese e-commerce would likely to reach a turnover of US$10 billion by 2020, the Vietnam E-Commerce and Information Technology Agency under the Ministry of Industry and Trade has forecast.

The agency predicted that 30% of the population would shop for goods and services over the internet by 2020 and each shopper would spend an average of US$350 per year.


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Vietnam urged to facilitate investment in organic farming

  •   19/08/2016 05:23:00 AM
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Vietnam should encourage enterprises to further invest in organic agriculture, that would help not only farmers find output for their products but also consumers access fresh farm produce, officials have said.

Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Tran Quoc Khanh said food safety was a top concern for all of society, and organic agriculture played an important role in ensuring this. 

Wood processing firms urged to study export markets’ requirements to expand exports

  •   19/08/2016 05:19:00 AM
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Exports of wood and wooden products reached US$2.68 billion in the first five months of this year, representing a rise of 2.08 per cent over the same period last year, according to statistics of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

While Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) were signed and will soon come into effect, Vietnam is having large opportunities to expand exports of wood and wooden products.

However, Vietnam wood exporters are faced with risks related to origin of wood and labour management when exporting to high demanding markets such as the US and European Union (EU).

In addition, lack of knowledge about import markets’ requirements is a major challenge.


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PCI 2015: Good Sign for Business Environmen

  •   19/04/2016 11:21:00 PM
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Focus on development of industry - handicraft

  •   13/01/2016 06:00:00 AM
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For many years, people known industrial group - village (CN-LN) Ai Tu district (Trieu Phong district, Quang Tri) with numerous plants, factories have helped them have a stable life as a private enterprise Strong's Trieu Phong Nguyen private business, Minh Hung tunnel brick factories, establishments producing handicrafts furniture senior Information Development company Limited.

Two products of Quang Tri is recognized as the typical rural industrial national level in 2015

  •   13/01/2016 05:59:00 AM
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17/10/2015 bright day at the Hanoi Opera House, the Ministry of Commerce held a ceremony to announce and honor the rural industrial products represents the national level in 2015. Deputy Prime Minister Vu Van Ninh and Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Hoang Quoc Vuong was attended and awarded a certificate and logo products typical rural industrial enterprises, rural industrial establishments. In Quang Tri province which has two products are recognized as typical rural industrial products nationally in 2015.
Breakthrough in the development of rural small industry

Breakthrough in the development of rural small industry

  •   13/01/2016 05:57:00 AM
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Developing industry-handicraft (small industry) Rural is one important policy to contribute to the rural areas increasingly prospered, creating a breakthrough in economic development in the region this capital more difficult. Through the extension of the scheme, the years the field of rural small industry in the province of Quang Tri has made positive progress and effectiveness. The province is continuing to implement the 19 proposals encouragement of phase 1 in 2015 (2 schemes of the central support 17 projects supported by the province).
Deployment plans promotion activities and trade promotion in 2015.

Deployment plans promotion activities and trade promotion in 2015.

  •   13/01/2016 05:55:00 AM
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On 05/2/2015, the Center for Industrial Promotion and Trade Promotion organized a conference on deployment plans for industrial promotion activities and trade promotion in 2015. Attending the meeting were representatives of Leadership and Leadership Department, Specialist of QLCN, Imex-HNKT Chamber of Industry and Commerce Department; Leaders of the coordination unit: Provincial Farmers Association, Women Union province, Alliance cooperative and DNNQD, Provincial Mechanical Engineering Society; Industrial extension officers, in charge of commerce in Room Economy - Infrastructure districts; representatives of businesses, rural industrial establishments registered with the scheme in 2015.
Need innovative local industrial promotion activities

Need innovative local industrial promotion activities

  •   13/01/2016 05:53:00 AM
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To promote small industry production in the local development, the industrial promotion activities (KC) play an important role. On the other hand, the economic development objectives towards increasing the share of industry and services, reduce the share of agriculture should solve labor imbalances caused by a part of the population in rural underemployment in Meanwhile more than 70% of rural population and land. Therefore, activities to arouse KC potential in rural areas to ensure the balance of labor markets and meet the goals of socio-economic development of the locality.
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