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Breakthrough in the development of rural small industry

Wednesday - 13/01/2016 05:57
Developing industry-handicraft (small industry) Rural is one important policy to contribute to the rural areas increasingly prospered, creating a breakthrough in economic development in the region this capital more difficult. Through the extension of the scheme, the years the field of rural small industry in the province of Quang Tri has made positive progress and effectiveness. The province is continuing to implement the 19 proposals encouragement of phase 1 in 2015 (2 schemes of the central support 17 projects supported by the province).
Breakthrough in the development of rural small industry
In phase 1 of 2015, central Quang Tri province is supporting two models are: Demonstration manufacturing adobe bricks in Co. Minh Duc (Ho Dong Ha), funding from the international deals Family 350 million. This model will promote the use of adobe bricks to build the infrastructure and contribute to reducing environmental pollution; Models produce energy pellets from wood chips at Shanghai Industrial Complex (Hai Lang). The production of energy pellets not only meet the demand of the growing tablet customers, but also make the most of the excess wood resource in the production process. The level of support from the national promotion program for this model is 350 million. Also 2 model program by the national industrial promotion support, this phase will also support provincial 17 other industrial extension schemes with total funds attracted implementation of the project is 11.178 billion.
The projects are supported this session highlights with some models like: Demonstration in peanut oil processing Ltd. From performer; relocation of production facilities pollute the environment; produce organic fertilizer from animal waste (Cam Lo district). Model processing refined peanut oil is considered a breakthrough model and capable of bringing economic and social efficiency high. By far the province does not have the processing units peanut oil, especially for Cam Lo district to 1,200 ha area has grown to more than 2,000 tons of peanut peanut products obtained each year but there is no processing unit optimism is turning a disadvantage to farmers, especially in the context of price rather precarious optimistic at present, 02 project applications in the production of science and technology with art carpentry carved automatic system some details not refined Magic has also been supporting for some production facilities. The application aims to increase productivity, reduce costs, time in wooden handicraft production to increase profitability for the base. The manufacturing of food processing machines, especially noodle making machine, wet cake was also the home base of the locality mechanical implement. Before the project for procurement of machinery and equipment as noodles, bread wet mostly from other provinces, but now in Quang Tri have mechanical basis at market Shallow Bui Van Phung, Trieu Son, Trieu Phong can produce and supply all kinds of noodle making machine, bread technical standards, ease of use. There are also many other mechanical basis has produced similar machines. So those who wish to complete can be assured to buy used, and if there are problems in the manufacturing process can also be repaired easily, takes no time and cost. Demonstrations bar joinery production made in clusters Ai Tu, Trieu Phong district is also engaged in production increases the value of goods from raw materials of local plantation timber. The application of technology, modern machinery in production and diversification of products from plantation timber is an orientation in the field of local wood processing. Apart from some prominent industrial promotion schemes on, this batch Industry Promotion Center and the provincial trade promotion supports perform many other models such as application support machinery, advanced equipment to produce noodles, wet cake, noodles; producing cold towels; plastic manufacture steel core; apply some technical measures of cleaner production; seasoning sauce and shrimp paste ...
The support for the model of rural small industry applications advanced technologies, new technology, machinery and modern equipment in production will contribute to the development of enterprises, production facilities , enhance product value, reduce costs to reduce prices in order to increase the competitiveness of products on the market. In addition, the development of rural small industry also creates local jobs, increasing incomes in the local labor. Noting in some production facilities are supported from the provincial capital of industrial promotion, the owners were overjoyed because the support has brought practical results.
Do Thi Chanh, the manufacturing base in rural pancake Phuong Lang, Hai Ba Commune, Hai Lang said her facility has expanded production and generate jobs for many local women after being Support from the provincial capital of industrial promotion. "May 9/2013, the support of the Center for Industrial Promotion and Trade Promotion Quang Tri province, I have invested kiln electric pancake of $ 74 million to expand production. Thanks to this oven pancake production should no longer depend on the weather that makes year round. Until now my base established cooperative group of women to join production pancake with 30 women locally. Productivity increases, products made with quality and ensure food safety should be favored customers. Earnings therefore also increased many times, "she said Lemon excited.
Like Ms. Lemon, Mr. Le Trong Japan (42) in Ward 1, Quang Tri town feel very excited to be supported from public funds promotion. Japanese English said: "A few years ago my family economy very hard. Family with wet pastry but in smaller scale, want to extend is not due to lack of funding and knowledge of machinery. Through counseling, financial support should I buy such machinery to expand production. Gradually, my family has had quite enough of these other machines for production of wet cake, so that productivity and quality increased. To date the family economy have also become better off by serving as wet cake ".
Nguyen Huu Thuan, Head of Industrial Promotion Center of industrial promotion and trade promotion province affirmed: "To promote the model of industrial promotion was effective in recent years, now we are actively implementing support continued support for models approved extension of this period. We hope that the extension of this batch model will bring higher efficiency and more innovative, to contribute to accelerate the development of the field of rural small industry faster, more sustainable. "

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