Center of Industry and Trade Promotion Quang Tri
Center of Industry and Trade Promotion Quang Tri

Focus on development of industry - handicraft

Wednesday - 13/01/2016 06:00
For many years, people known industrial group - village (CN-LN) Ai Tu district (Trieu Phong district, Quang Tri) with numerous plants, factories have helped them have a stable life as a private enterprise Strong's Trieu Phong Nguyen private business, Minh Hung tunnel brick factories, establishments producing handicrafts furniture senior Information Development company Limited.
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For Minh Hung tunnel brick factories, welding in manufacturing than 20 million bricks of all kinds, creating permanent jobs for 120 employees, the average salary of 3 million VND / person / month, the state budget of about 1 billion / year. Establishments producing art furniture Senior Information Development Company Limited production tables, chairs, cabinets, beds, including luxury goods prices up to over 100 million, the payment of taxes to the state from 55 -65 million / year, creating jobs for 20 to 25 employees, including skilled workers wages from 8- 9 million / month, unskilled workers 2.5- 3 million / month.
To obtain this result, the District Party Committee, People's Committee of Trieu Phong district has the creative application, in accordance with local conditions of the policies of the Party and the State on the development of industry, handicrafts (CN , handicrafts); support and create favorable conditions to attract investors to long-term business in the district. Overall planning, detailed planning, construction of infrastructure and investment promotion industry development is done actively. Early completion of development plans of districts CN 2015, with a vision to 2020. Infrastructure-LN Ai Tu clusters, clusters east Ai Tu, CN point Thuong Trach LN noodle production, Trieu Son ; CN-point processing LN sauce, shrimp paste in Trieu Lang being the construction, where complete and put into operation efficiency.
So far, the district has 989 enterprises, establishments producing small industry, rose 84 basis compared to 2010, attracting 3,925 employees, more than 500 employees from 2010. The business, establishments CN has invested handicraft production scale expansion, technological innovation of equipment, techniques, improving production efficiency, output of main products is maintained, grow well favored by the market.
A number of new products such as laminated wood bar, wood pellets, charcoal, packaging from plastic resins PE ... have found the output market and contributes significantly to the total production value of the sector. Business consolidation, restoration and development of villages, handicraft industries in the district are all levels and sectors in the district actively implemented under Decision No. 2311 dated 23/11/2012 of People's Committee of Quang Tri province. Industrial extension work is focused, has supported 22 projects with a total budget 1069.4 million, including 2 national industrial promotion projects and 555 million; 7 provincial industrial promotion projects and 225 million; District 13 industrial promotion projects, 289.4 million. Actively supporting the production base of packaging design, label, gradually formed brand, contribute to the maintenance, expansion and development of a number of rural industries such as confectionery manufacturing, food processing real seafood. The production value of small industry sector in 2015 is estimated to reach 384.888 billion, up more than 180 billion compared with 2010. The average growth rate in the period 2010- 2015 annual 13.3%.
In the future, the district continues to implement effectively the Resolution 08 dated 03.01.2012 of the District Development Commissioner CN handicraft, trades and TM-DV 2015, taking into 2020. Strengthening the propagation and dissemination of the guidelines and policies of the Party and State in developing small industry, rural industries; mobilize people more aware of the important role small industry development. Continue to improve and supplement the planning of industrial clusters and small, implement promotion activities, calling for investment in industrial clusters have been planned. Continued investment in building and improving the infrastructure of industrial clusters, to create favorable conditions and encourage investors, enterprises deploying investment projects in eastern Ai Tu clusters. Planning development point CN, trades associated with the planning of new rural construction; implement the management plan. Enlist support funds of central, provincial, district budget for the construction of a number of items of essential infrastructure inside and outside the cluster technology.
Encourage the development of post-harvest processing technology for the agricultural, forestry and seafood; gradually overcome and gradually limit the state to sell raw materials as long, especially feedstock plantation timber. Improving production line technology, expanding product markets of the existing production facilities; organize vocational training for workers; guidance, help enterprises overcome difficulties in capital, production premises, investment licensing procedures for enterprises to confidently invest in the development of production and business in the province.

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