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Center of Industry and Trade Promotion Quang Tri

Deployment plans promotion activities and trade promotion in 2015.

Wednesday - 13/01/2016 05:55
On 05/2/2015, the Center for Industrial Promotion and Trade Promotion organized a conference on deployment plans for industrial promotion activities and trade promotion in 2015. Attending the meeting were representatives of Leadership and Leadership Department, Specialist of QLCN, Imex-HNKT Chamber of Industry and Commerce Department; Leaders of the coordination unit: Provincial Farmers Association, Women Union province, Alliance cooperative and DNNQD, Provincial Mechanical Engineering Society; Industrial extension officers, in charge of commerce in Room Economy - Infrastructure districts; representatives of businesses, rural industrial establishments registered with the scheme in 2015.
Deployment plans promotion activities and trade promotion in 2015.
In 2014, the economic situation was most affected, production and business of enterprises, rural industrial base still faces many difficulties and challenges, however, the investment situation developed production enterprises, rural industrial establishments in localities still have positive changes. contributing to the completion of the basic indicators of the sector plan.
Field Promotion: Draft Scheme industrial promotion policies in the province and has been through the Provincial Council; training in the field of promotion of the nearly 100 people; Coordinating Economic Infrastructure Division Hai Lang District held 02 survey team, exchanging, learning experiences and find partners to link cooperation in producing wine and embroidery; organize a conference to summarize 10 years of industrial promotion period from 2004 to 2014 and received the Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister. Deployment completed 23 projects with a total budget of 1,472 million extension (of which 972 million provincial industrial promotion, national industrial promotion 500 million). Through industrial promotion activities has encouraged businesses, rural industrial base of more than 35,000 million investment to develop production, improve productivity, product quality and create jobs for local workers. Jointly organized successfully voted rural industrial products represents the province, resulting in the recognition of 23 typical rural industrial products and 03 provincial-level rural industrial sector products. Editors and issued 04 news / Special issue of Industry and Commerce with the number of over 1,300 books, coordinating Quang Tri Radio and Television Station made and broadcast 12 category "Industry and Commerce, Quang Tri Trang" and 01 television reports about industrial promotion activities 10 year period from 2004 to 2014. Consultant guidance, support and implementation of building registered, trademarks, logos, barcodes for rural industrial establishments for some agricultural produce processing, fisheries in the area to help enterprises and establishments strengthening rural industrial promotion, introduce traditional products to enhance competitiveness in the market. Implementation Plan Cleaner Production in Industry until 2020 in the province, held a quick assessment of cleaner production in a number of enterprises to use raw materials more efficiently, cut spending production costs brought about environmental benefits.
Trade promotion activities: Implementing the campaign The priority for Vietnam Vietnam, 2014, the Center hosted successfully organized six fairs Bringing Vietnamese goods to rural and Fair included 03 Vietnamese restaurant the mountains; in collaboration with the Office of Economic Infrastructure Trieu Phong district successfully organized trade fair on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the founding districts. Advocacy, guidance and support for businesses in the province of Trade Fair North Central region - Nghe An, International Fair Investment, Trade and Tourism of the East-West Economic Corridor in Danang Fairs, exhibitions of typical rural industrial central region - Highlands in Quang Nam.
Based on the evaluation of the implementation tasks of industrial promotion and trade promotion last time, in 2015 the Center focused on implementing a number of tasks in order to improve operational efficiency, namely: Continue focus review and modify documents on industrial promotion activities to conform to the provisions of Decree No.45 / 2012 / ND-CP and the relevant regulations. Construction Industry Promotion Program organized the period 2016-2020 and implement the Regulation on management and use of funds for career promotion of implementation of Resolution 09/2014 / NQ-Councils. Strengthening the dissemination of information, transparency, specific guidance and timely regulation. Organization of trainings, dissemination of documents in the field of industrial promotion, trade promotion until local officials and rural industrial enterprises; 2015, the provincial industrial promotion funding sources arranged 1,024 million investment to support rural industrial development in order to improve productivity, quality, increase product competitiveness and solve local labor, ...
Accordingly, consulting organizations, guide the rural industrial facility construction investment projects on development of production, inspection organization and the Council propose to ensure proper evaluation of progress requirements. In particular, the focus of interest and priority to support training needs associated with the direct use of grassroots rural industrial labor, training and technical workers at the factories attract many workers in the province ( sewing training, technical production, repair, mechanical processing; processing techniques agriculture - forestry - seafood, production of handicraft products ... associated with raw material areas, villages ). Supporting the transfer and application of technology postharvest preservation, investment and application of advanced machinery to produce deep processing of agricultural, forestry and fisheries in order to increase product value advantages of raw materials, the traditional products of a region, to restore and develop traditional industries in the locality, to support and encourage the typical rural industrial products, the major products for export. To date, there are over 30 projects, with funding for implementation of rural industrial enterprises on 23,000 million from the Economic Chamber of the district infrastructure, the coordination unit registered. Centers are actively cooperate to examine and submit proposals and general assessment meeting DoITs the PPC for approval.
Focus guide and promptly remove difficulties implementation process for 02 construction projects on technical demonstrations wood pellets production capacity of 68,000 tons of export / year in Hai Lang and production adobe capacity of 20 million / year in the city of Dong Ha with a total budget of 700 million from the national capital industry promotion was approved MOIT ensure completion on schedule, using funding right purpose and mode, as well as other regulations on the management of industrial promotion activities.
Continued implementation of trade promotion programs in the 2012-2015 period, while construction-related documents XTTM local areas in order to create favorable conditions and attract organizations and units involved in trade promotion activities. Implementation of the campaign "The priority for Vietnam Vietnam" launched by the Politburo, which, jointly organized 04 fairs Bringing Vietnamese goods to rural areas in Vinh Linh, Gio Linh, Trieu Phong and Hai Lang 420 million with funding from the National Trade Promotion Programme has been approved by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and 02 market days from the provincial trade promotion; supports 40 stores for over 20 rural industrial enterprises participating in the trade fair on the occasion of Hai Lang District Festival 40th anniversary of the liberation; Jointly organized successful Trade Fair in the North Central Region Trans Asian span Quang Tri 2015. Actively participate and mobilize actively involved DN fairs in and outside the province. Strengthen guidance, support design, registered trademarks, industrial property protection, catalog printing, brochure leaflet about companies, products aimed a promoting and introducing local product to consumers; enhance professionalism in trade promotion activities. Strengthening the survey activities, trade to expand markets outside the province and the region on economic corridor East - West.
2015 is the final year of implementation of the Plan of economic development - society in 2010-2015, the economic situation remains most affected, production and business of enterprises, rural industrial establishments in the locality in particular still faces many difficulties and challenges. To contribute disassembly, support businesses, rural industrial establishments overcome difficulties and continue to stabilize and develop the production of business, staff's collective efforts Center with proactive action to implement recommendations investment promotion rural industrial development, manufacturing value added to economic restructuring, helping to achieve the development targets set out sector. /.

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